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Welcome to Bundwell, Shanghai!

Here we provide you with property leasing information and services around Shanghai per your requirement - either commercial or industrial.

For commercial properties, we cover 50sqm to 3000sqm office space from premium Grade A buildings to alternative creative space.

Serviced offices are highly recommended to companies that require instant use of the office space and a flexible lease term.

For industrial properties, we offer 1500sqm to 30,000sqm either in or out of Shanghai. Should custom-built industrial facilities or vacant land be more suitable for you, we are experienced, qualified and happy to help you find your ideal location.

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Hot Properties
Commercial Industrial
Creative Office Space
High-ceiling Warehouse
District: Luwan
Metro: Huangpi S.Rd (25-mins)
Constructed: 2007
Property type: Warehouse-style office
Floors: 4
A/C: Individual
ER(%): 75
Car Parking: RMB800/month
Lease Term: 1 year
Rent: RMB3.6-7.2/sqm/day
Mgt fee RMB15/sqm/month
District: Baoshan
Distance to Downtown 28kms to People Square
Distance to Port: 18kms to Zhanghuabang Container Port
Floors: Single
Height: 12 m
Crane Capacity: 20 tons
Lease Term: 3 years
Size: 5000sqm
Rent: RMB0.85/sqm/day
Mgt fee RMB0.05/sqm/day
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